Our Curriculum

About Our Curriculum

We provide a stimulating learning environment with creative, integrated and purposeful play experience for children with the aim of developing a child with strong moral values and a passion for learning.


We adopt an eclectic approach of teaching which comprises the various teaching methodologies such as the popular integrated thematic approach, Piaget’s hands-on learning, Vygotsky’s social learning as well as Reggio Emilia’s project-based, creative thinking and problem-solving approach.  As a church-based organization, we also emphasize the need to inculcate moral values and biblical truth in our young children.


Our Curriculum allows exploration and discovery that will activate the imagination incorporating different learning areas:


Language and literacy


- Listen for information and enjoyment

- Speak to convey meaning and communicate with others

- Read with understanding and for enjoyment

- Use drawing, mark making, symbols and writing with invented and conventional spelling to communicate ideas and information


Discovery of the World


- Show an interest in the world they live in

- Find out why things happen and how things work through simple investigations

- Develop a positive attitude towards the world around them


Motor Skills Development


- Enjoy through participation in a variety of physical activities

- Demonstrate control, coordination and balance in gross motor tasks

- Demonstrate control and coordination in fine motor tasks

- Develop healthy habits and safety awareness at home, in school and at public places




- Recognise and use simple relationships and patterns

- Use numbers in daily experiences

- Recognise and use basic shapes and simple spatial concepts in daily experiences



Social and Emotional Development

- Develop an awareness of personal identity

- Manage their own emotions and behaviours

- Show respect for diversity

- Communicate, interact and build relationships with others

- Take responsibility for their actions


Aesthetics and Creative Expression


- Enjoy art and music and movement activities

- Express ideas and feelings through art and music and movement

- Create art and music and movement using experimentation and imagination

- Share ideas and feelings about art and music and movement


Chinese Education


- Chinese  through interactive methods

- Listening, reading and writing

- Vocabulary Building and Basic Strokes Recognition

- Hanyu Pinyin

- Rhymes/Poems



Moral & Character Building Education


Character Development Component of our curriculum is established holistically through our daily learning opportunities during our curriculum time and programme. It is interwoven with other components of our curriculum to enhance learning experiences.  


- Moral Instructions through Bible stories, songs and activities

- Learning Dispositions - PRAISE

- Virtue Programme


E-Learning (Information & Communication Technology)/ ICT


TPBC Kindergarten together with Futurekids is pleased to present an exciting programme with computer-based applications and technology to inspire children to think critically and creatively in the digital age, allowing them to reach their full potential.  Children will have an engaging selection of fun, themed activities that will facilitates a variety of skills through projects that are developmentally appropriate.


Project Approach


In a year, 1 term is set aside for our children to be engaged in exciting projects. The Project Approach allows children to use their strengths to par­ticipate at the level that best fits their abilities and interests through different means of engagement and in-depth exploration.

Learning environments are also set up to reflect and support the process of inquiry and discovery.


Learning Journeys


Learning Journeys are planned within the school term allowing children to learn beyond their classrooms.  Fieldtrips is one of the best tools that provide children with real-world experiences,

learning from their new surroundings, engage with different people and work on their social skills within the community.


CLAP Programme

A 2-hours extended programme for Nursery (Mondays to Wednesdays), K1 and K2 (Mondays to Fridays) providing safe, fun and relaxing experiences after school. A well-balanced and structured programme beyond the classrooms with a variety of settings for learning with many opportunities for children to experiment, explore, problem solve and interact with peers. 

The programme will equip children to be

C – Confident

L – Learner

A – Achiever

P – Positive

Progressive programme includes, Language & Literacy Development, Chinese Speech and Drama, Art, KideScience, Music, Workouts, Brain Teaser and Team Building Games. 


Special Activities




Concerts provide a platform for children to showcase their collaborative efforts working together to perform for the parents.


Vacation Bible School


Vacation Bible School (VBS) is an annual event which is specially organised for our children during the June holidays.  Through stories, songs, games and craftwork, children have the opportunity to learn biblical truth and character building.


Home Visitation


Our home visitation programme helps to establish strong, positive communication between our teachers and parents. Visiting the homes of children helps to forge a strong partnership between parents and teachers as teachers show their concern for the children’s well-being. Parents are motivated to be involved in their children’s learning and school activities.