"I thank God that my daughters embarked on their education journey with TPBC Kindergarten. TPBC Kindergarten provided them with an unforgettable learning experience. Their teachers were nurturing and they paid close attention to the progress of each student under their care. I remembered the time my first daughter entered the Kindergarten with great anxiety, but her teachers had the experience to know how to ease her in the new school setting quickly. I was glad to see her graduate in confidence and she entered her P1 with much excitement and anticipation. My girls look forward to school daily, they enjoyed their learning experiences and interaction with their teachers and friends. It was remarkable that I could develop good partnerships with my daughters’ teachers. We have open discussions about them and then we enforced what will suit my girls best in school and at home. My daughters benefitted much through the cooperation I had with their teachers. We were able to inculcate good moral values and character building at their young age which is of utmost importance in my children’s life."


Parent of Elizabeth, Victoria and Sarah-Anne (ages 7, 5, & 4)  

"Our son and daughter attend TPBC Kindergarten. While each child is different in the way they learn and express themselves, their teachers are patient and personal with them. They are attentive to each child's needs and they teach in engaging, interesting ways. It's always heartening to hear our children recount their interaction with their teachers and classmates, as well as the lessons that have left a deep impression. We are particularly grateful for the teachers' loving commitment to show the children Jesus and what life looks like in his world, through bible lessons and their lives."

Randy & Emily Yeo 

Parents of Timothy and Dorothy (ages 6 and 3)

" We chose to enrol all our children in TPBC Kindergarten as we find the environment a conducive one for enabling our kids develop in their growth. All their teachers have been attentive, loving and interactive.

Physically, they have picked up the ability for self-care like toilet-hygiene; gross motor development like jumping and running; and fine motor skills like writing and handicraft. Emotionally, they have learned how to be confident, brave, and assured in their identities.

Amidst all the learning, we can tell that they are having fun and enjoying school. We have seen our kids blossom throughout the time they have been in the school."

Jody & Sharon Liu

Parents of Emma , Noah & Cara (ages 9, 7 and 4) 

"Choosing to put our kids in TPBC Kindergarten is one of the best decision we have ever made for them. Both of them enjoy attending school since day 1. They said that their teachers are very kind and they enjoy learning from them. Every morning, they look forward to school. And after school, they love to share their daily stories with us. From their stories, we can tell that both kids are very much inspired by their teachers. One of the special thing about TPBC is that all the teachers make it a point to remember every student’s name. We are going to miss TPBC when our youngest daughter graduate from TPBC this year. Thank you TPBC for the wonderful journey that both Hansel and Bella has been with you for the past 6 years!"

Mr & Mrs Leoric

Parents of Hansel and Bella (ages 7 and 6)

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers from TPBC Kindergarten. TPBC Kindergarten has given my boys a positive experience of school. They have fun at school learning and have many opportunities to build their confidence. The teachers are caring and patient. Both of my boys have sweet memories throughout their years in TPBC. " 

Mrs Lee

Parent of Yiu Hei & Yin Fung (ages 9 and 6)

"The teachers in TPBC Kindergarten are not only experienced and have been with the school for a long time, they are very passionate in their teachings. They do not just focus on academic; they take care of the students' emotions and well beings. I am glad that I have enrolled both my girls into TPBC. Thank you TPBC and thumb up to all the teachers for doing such a great job. "

Mrs Ho

Parent of Jaylene & Jayna (ages 6 and 4)